Citrus Club re-opens as live music venue Smash

Smash nightclub opens tonight in the former Citrus Club on Grindlay Street.
Smash nightclub opens tonight in the former Citrus Club on Grindlay Street.
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Live music lovers have given a confidence boost to the city scene with the re-opening of the Citrus Club as new venue Smash.


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The club launches tonight in what owners Gavin Miller and Joanne Stewart hope will be a long line of nights promoting and celebrating live music.

And Gavin, from Leith is confident music lovers will approve of the transformation.

He said: “Our vision is a simple one – we are a live music venue playing all types of genres of music for all ages of the public.

“Edinburgh needs music – we have so much talent here and from the surrounding areas.

“Places to nurture this gift are closing. How could we not do anything when the opportunity presented itself?

The friends, who share a love of music, met during a gig at Bannermans Bar and jumped at the chance to buck the trend of venue closures in the city.

“We hope to see Smash keep live music’s heart beating, giving people and bands a chance to be seen and heard,” Joanne explained. “It has been such a shame to see so many venues close their doors for the last time but we desperately want to breathe new life into the live music scene in Edinburgh.

“This has been a dream of ours and we can’t wait to get things going.”

And although music is at the heart the venue, in a nod to its predecessor, Smash will also turn into a club after performances.

“We have been working with breweries to ensure that we sell drinks at reasonable and affordable prices,” Gavin said. “And there will be plenty of space for dancing!”

Smash opens tonight at 7pm until 3am with a line-up of bands from across the music spectrum.

“We will be showcasing a number of bands across all the genres including rock, punk, jazz, blues, indy, ska,” Joanne said. “It should be a great night and one we’re all excited about.”

Big Fat Panda will join Black Market Tyrants, Critikill, Dirty Betty and more local bands for the launch.

Smash is also keen to give a platform to young musicians.

They will soon be announcing open mic night for under 18s.

“This will give them a taste of performing on the stage in a safe and supported environment where friends and family will be made welcome,” Joanne explained. “And from 9pm onwards us older ones will have the chance to smash a few tunes out!”

The Citrus Club closed on May 7 after 25 years at Grindlay Street.