Comment: RIE smoking ban ‘is just not working’

Police were called to the hospital shortly after 9am
Police were called to the hospital shortly after 9am
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I recently visited a relative at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.

At the tunnel which is the main entrance, people congregate, both patients and visitors, to indulge in their disgusting habit of smoking in a place which is amply signed NO SMOKING.

As one who is asthmatic, I find this abhorrent and complained to staff at the reception. I was informed that the police nor staff can do anything about this, even though these inconsiderate morons are breaking the law. Even worse they are jeopardising my health and that of fellow visitors.

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As I left I found that the grounds from the bus terminal to the entrance was akin to a giant ashtray stewn with tobacco debris, a completely disgusting mess in a place supposed to be for the betterment of health. It is joke, albeit not a very funny one, for visitors such as myself.

As the police are short of funds, here is a potential source of revenue which I believe to be a £60 fine per time for smoking on hospital premises.

As this is being allowed to occur at all hospital and clinics, it could solve police funding at a stroke.

William Coleman, Craiglockhart Dell Road, Edinburgh