Dean Village local hopes to reunite lost teddy with owner

The lost rabbit. Picture; Giles Holmes
The lost rabbit. Picture; Giles Holmes
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Any parent knows that losing their child’s favourite toy is a sad, sad day. Cue tantrums, sleep deprivation and listlessness as the tiny tyrants mourn the loss of their treasured cuddly friend.

But can you help bring a toy rabbit lost in Dean Village to its rightful owner and save some parents from certain doom?

Picture; Giles Holmes

Picture; Giles Holmes

Spotted by a passerby on Wednesday and posted online, the photos show a forlorn looking bunny sheltering from the cold and rain in decorative nook on the side of a block of flats on Sunbury Street.

Whoever found the toy knew that it would be sorely missed and placed it in a safe place in sight of anyone walking by.

But no one has been back to claim the sad and wet white bunny who is still waiting for its family.

The popular style soft toy is beloved by thousands of children and one local posted online offering the cute rabbit a home if its owners weren’t found.

They said: “I would happily adopt him if not rescued as he’s very similar to my daughter’s favourite bunny who I live in fear of her losing!”

If you know who belongs to the bunny let them know that their furry friend is waiting patiently for smothering hugs, a towel dry and lots of attention.