Delight for Edinburgh Avengers superfans after brush with stars

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It’s been a busy few months for Edinburgh film fans after an assortment of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers arrived in the Capital for the latest installment of Avengers action.

From Chris Evans partying at George Street’s Opal Lounge to Scarlett Johansson tucking into lunch at Leith’s Roseleaf pub, there’s been plenty of celebrities to look out for as the weeks have passed.

From left, Louise Saul, Caroline Kemp and Emma Barnott have been following the filming around Edinburgh all hours of the day and night. 'Picture: Ian Rutherford

From left, Louise Saul, Caroline Kemp and Emma Barnott have been following the filming around Edinburgh all hours of the day and night. 'Picture: Ian Rutherford

But just because filming for Avengers: Infinity War is finally starting to wind down doesn’t mean the excitement is over – not just yet anyway.

This week fans were left stunned thanks to a chance encounter with actors Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, who play Thor and The Hulk respectively in the multi-billion dollar franchise.

Among those to grab a selfie with the duo was third year Edinburgh University student Caroline Kemp, who said it was a “dream come true” to meet the stars.

The 22-year-old shared images of herself on Twitter with the actors, tweeting: “I can die happy. Can’t stop shaking. Just met @chrishemsworth #avengers #edinburgh”.

Louise Saul with Avengers star Chris Hemsworth - outside the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh

Louise Saul with Avengers star Chris Hemsworth - outside the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh

But it’s not just Hemsworth and Ruffalo that Caroline has been able to tick off the list – she’s also managed to meet the film’s director Anthony Russo and Scarlett Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen.

The self-confessed “massive” Marvel fan admitted she was thrilled when she found out the movie would be coming to the Capital, saying it was “the craziest thing ever”.

Since the film crew’s arrival in March, Caroline and a dedicated group of around ten other super-fans have headed out time and again to catch a glimpse of the Avengers in action.

She said: “I have always been a massive Avengers fan – I’ve watched all the build up to this one. They are spending a billion dollars on the two of them together – it’s one of the biggest blockbusters ever so I could be a part of film history which is really cool.

Caroline Kemp with Avengers star Mark Ruffalo

Caroline Kemp with Avengers star Mark Ruffalo

“When I went the first few nights you couldn’t really see anything on the sets and I just started talking to this guy who posts on Twitter about it.

“We sort of became a group of ten and went down every night. Overall it’s been a really nice experience.”

Caroline explained a lot of the waiting centred around The Balmoral – where several of the celebrities are rumoured to have stayed – and it was there that she managed to spot actor Paul Bettany getting out of car.

But the highlight was meeting Hemsworth and Ruffalo, something Caroline said was “best moment of my life”.

She said: “They were absolutely lovely.

“We said it’s fine if you don’t want a photo we are just really big fans. They said it’s fine which was really nice of them.

“We just said are you enjoying Edinburgh and do you like Scotland and they said it was great.

“I was revising through the day so that at night I could have something to look forward to and see if I could get an autograph off anyone.

“I’m a big Avengers fan but I didn’t think for a second that I’d meet them.”

It comes just months after Caroline happened to walk past Trainspotting stars Euan McGregor and Ewen Bremner after they too came to the Capital to film for the hotly-anticipated film sequel.

Joining Caroline on the Avengers trail has been 27-year-old Louise Saul, who also managed to bag a chat with Ruffalo and Hemsworth.

Louise, a science journalist and cosplayer, tweeted photographs of herself with both the actors, saying: “You guys will know how much it means to me to meet Thor & Hulk!”

She later told the News: “We met up and we heard that they were at the other end of town. It was just lucky that we were there at the right time.

“I had a wee chat with both of them. They were lovely! I told Ruffalo he was my favourite Avenger and he shook my hand.

“I love the films – I’ve seen them all and have been on the side of the set watching stuff so it was a massive thing for me to meet them.”

But for Louise, who said the group regularly stayed out until 2am or even later during filming, it’s not just about meeting the stars – it’s also the chance to get to know fellow fans.

“I think that’s a big part of why we stayed out so long,” she said. “You get to know this group of nice people and hopefully we can go see the film together.”

The arrival of Avengers: Infinity War has had the Capital abuzz with excitement, with experts saying it could spark a £10 million boost for the Capital’s economy.

With the film set for release next year, just what could filming here mean for the city?

For Rosie Ellison, film manager at Film Edinburgh, it’s been a hugely positive experience not just for her dedicated team but for the Capital as a whole.

She said: “The Avengers: Infinity War has been a fantastic showcase for Edinburgh as a film location, proving to the world we have the infrastructure and ability to successfully accommodate large productions of this scale.

“The production schedule has all gone incredibly smoothly and we’re delighted to have had really positive feedback from both the production team and residents living near key locations.

“There has been a huge amount of excitement and pride from the public and local businesses who have supported the production.

“We all cannot wait to see the final cut next summer.”