Does this picture show a UFO over the Pentland Hills?

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An Evening News reader claims these pictures prove he spotted a UFO over the Pentland Hills in Edinburgh.

David Allan said he noticed a large white cicular object “hovering” on Friday at 9.30am.

He explained: “I was driving from Telford towards Chesser and noticed a large white and silver looking circular object above the Pentland Hills. It projected vapour trails like you would get from a plane but in this case there was two coming from either side in a ‘v’ direction - very strange.

Mr Allan said the object was in his sight for about eight minutes, moving very slowly.

By the time he pulled over to take pictures of the object on his phone, he said the vapour had disappeaed.

He added: “The vapour trails were gone within seconds. The object then started to move down towards a cloud and entered the cloud. If I was to guess size of object from where I was, I would say bigger than a plane and round, very stange indeed it hovered in total for about eight minutes.”