Dog walkers on high alert after ‘poisoned sausages’ found in Colinton Dell

Sausages laden with pesticides have been placed along the riverbank at Colinton Dell with the intention of harming dogs.
Sausages laden with pesticides have been placed along the riverbank at Colinton Dell with the intention of harming dogs.
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DOG owners in Colinton have been warned to be on high alert when out with their pets around a popular walking route in the area after sausages stuffed with pesticides were found along the route.

In a Facebook post shared on Saturday, dog day care centre Citidogs said the blue pellets - designed to kill garden slugs - had been found inside sausage casings along the riverbank at Colinton Dell with the aim of “enticing” inquisitive pooches.

The poison often contains large quantities of the chemical ‘Metaldehyde,’ which is highly toxic and potentially deadly if ingested by domestic animals.

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Owners are now being urged to keep a close eye on where their dogs are foraging when out walking in the park.

Citidogs founder Sandy Maxwell-Forbes revealed the issue was raised to her by a client of the day care firm who managed to wrestle a contaminated sausage away from her own dog before it could be ingested.

Sandy described the targeting of dogs in the area as “absolutely heinous,” adding: “There are some pretty unsavoury people about, it is absolutely disgusting to see dogs being attacked like this.”

“It was a client of ours who brought it to our attention, she was with her three-year-old child as well, so it could have been much worse.”

Sandy added: “Down by the riverbank is really popular with dogs and walkers. Of course the dogs want to go off and explore and forage, when they find something like a sausage there, they naturally want to eat it.”

“Everyone just has to be careful about what their dogs are picking up at the moment, especially around Colinton Dell.”

Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “The poisoning of domestic animals such as dogs and cats is a huge issue. We deal with a large number of complaints regarding this each year and it can be very difficult to capture the perpetrators due to the nature of the crime.

“When a dog begins to display the symptoms of having ingested something poisonous, it is often too late to treat. However, as soon as any symptoms appear a dog should be taken to a vet immediately.”

He added: “We would urge dog owners to be vigilant, keep a close eye on their pet when in a public place. People can report any concerns about intentional poisoning to our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 or to Police Scotland on 101.”