Edinburgh Airport launches consultation for new flight paths

Edinburgh Airport will consult over new flight paths. Picture: supplied
Edinburgh Airport will consult over new flight paths. Picture: supplied
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EDINBURGH Airport has launched a consultation on altering flight paths above the capital.

Views are being sought on the potential impact of changing routes over Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

The airport said the results of the consultation would help to guide the design and development of potential flight path options which would then be presented in a second consultation stage in December.

The airport, the busiest in Scotland, said modernising its airspace, designed in the 1970s, was necessary in order to handle “strong levels of growth” in operations since 2013.

A trial of a route over West Lothian was ended early last year after causing huge controversy.

The airport will create a TV advert and produce 600,000 leaflets as part of a 14-week consultation.

Chief executive Gordon Dewar said the airport had learned the lessons of the earlier trial and was committed to carrying out a “robust and meaningful” consultation.

He said: “This time last year we were - justifiably in some cases - criticised for not engaging thoroughly enough with our neighbouring communities before running a flight path trial.

“We’ve learned our lessons and this time round will do all that we reasonably can to ensure that everyone has their say on the future growth of Edinburgh Airport.”

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