Edinburgh campaigner joins animal rights protest in Pamplona

Jennifer White took part in the protest.
Jennifer White took part in the protest.

An animal rights campaigner from Edinburgh has taken part in a protest in Pamplona.

25-year-old Jennifer White from Edinburgh joined nearly 100 protesters in the centre of Pamplona.

The protest – which was organised by PETA and Spanish animal-protection group AnimaNaturalis – took place ahead of the Running of the Bulls, during which dozens of bulls are terrorised and struck as they slip and slide down narrow streets on their way to a violent death in the city’s bullring.

Speaking about the protest, Jennifer White said: “Torturing and killing animals can never be justified as entertainment.

“We stand united with the vast majority of Spanish people, who don’t support bloody bullfighting spectacles.”

PETA claim that before the Running of the Bulls, electric prods and sharp sticks are often used to torment the bulls.