Edinburgh driver surprised by fine after parking ‘next to’ double yellow lines

This driver thought he was beating the system, but ended up with a parking ticket and a red face.

An Edinburgh local has received a parking ticket after his decision to park ‘next to’ double yellow lines rather than on them failed to save him from the wrath of a traffic warden.

The Edinburgh driver received a 60 fine for parking 'next to' double yellow lines (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Edinburgh driver received a 60 fine for parking 'next to' double yellow lines (Photo: Shutterstock)

According to the Metro, 22 year old Stephen Divers parked his car on Lauriston Place on his way to the dentist and paid for parking at a nearby meter. On his return to the vehicle (which sat nearly two feet away from the kerb), Mr Divers found a parking ticket stuck to his windscreen, containing a £60 fine.

Realising his mistake

The driver posted about the incident on Facebook and included photos, looking for sympathy from friends and family. In the post, Mr Divers emphasised his theory that if his wheels were not touching the double yellow lines, he technically was not parked ‘on’ them.

“Not touching nothing. I’m boiling honestly,” he wrote.

The naive driver was quickly set straight by one of his Facebook friends.

“You’re actually still technically on a double yellow if your car is physically touching it or not,” explained Scott Tait.

“Does it not need to be touching?” Asked Mr Divers.

“If you’re past the end mark you’re technically on a double yellow. Your car doesn’t actually have to be touching it,” replied Mr Tait.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Other commenters couldn’t resist having a giggle at Mr Divers’ mistake.

“Mate how the f did you think you’d get away with that?” Asked Shaun Jones.

“Nae way. You need your head examined,” added Cody Fraser.

“Maybe you need to go back to Specsavers…Lol. how did you not notice the double yellows? You’re some lad,” said Stacey Smith.

“Looking back at it now can’t help but laugh,” the young driver told the Metro.