Edinburgh hotel launches bespoke multi-sensory mindfulness experience

Tristan Cameron Harper. Picture: supplied
Tristan Cameron Harper. Picture: supplied
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The five-star Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh has launched an in-room multi-sensory bath experience, meaning even the busiest of travellers can take a moment to relax

The bespoke Soak Your Senses menu has launched after it was identified that many hotel guests simply do not have enough time to visit One Spa, the hotel’s award-winning urban spa.

Guests can enjoy the experience alongside refreshements from room service. Picture: supplied

Guests can enjoy the experience alongside refreshements from room service. Picture: supplied

For just £20, guests can upgrade their stay to include an indulgent bath experience that will allow guests to relax and recharge in just 20 minutes, all from the comfort of their room or suite.

To soak all of their senses, guests will select their ingredients from the menu in their room. The package will consist of specially chosen ESPA bath oils, a freshly brewed pot of herbal tea and an exfoliating wash glove.

For the ultimate therapeutic ambience, guests will be instructed to activate their bathroom’s colour changing mood lights and will be given paired music recommendations to play through the bathroom’s in-built speakers.

Guests can choose which feeling they would like the elements to evoke, from relaxed, energised, focussed and inspired, to calm and centred or revived.

Once guests have selected their desired experience, they then simply call Guest Services who will bring the ingredients to the room. There is also the option to add indulgences to the bath ritual further by enjoying a glass of champagne or any other add-ons from the room service menu.

Soak Your Senses has been tried and tested by kilted yoga YouTube star and former Mr Scotland, Tristan Cameron Harper. The Scottish Instagrammer, who can often be found mastering a Munro, is an advocate for mindfulness.

Tristan said: “We put our bodies and minds through a lot of stress on a daily basis and can easily forget the importance of taking time for ourselves. Often, I find a moment of peace by immersing myself in nature, so I was pretty excited to try unwinding in a more luxurious setting for a change!

“The combination of different elements is really effective and impacts all your senses in an incredibly positive way. I’m also a big fan of tea, so the freshly brewed pot brought up to my room was a nice touch. Afterwards, I felt totally calm and centred and at peace.”

Tristan Nesbitt, General Manager at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh said: “Today’s traveller tends to be very time-poor. They may only have a day or two in which they want to explore the city, visit landmarks and take in the captivating scenery surrounding Edinburgh, which doesn’t leave much room to relax.

“We are offering the perfect quick-fix for those wanting to regain that precious life balance on the go. A good soak in the bath can prove transformative so we wanted to offer an enhanced version for our guests who may not have the time to recharge at our spa after a long, busy day.”

‘Soak Your Senses’ is now available to order and is priced at £20 including a 15ml bath oil that will last for 1-2 baths; freshly brewed loose leaf tea and an exfoliating wash glove. Guests can order the experience through the hotel’s ‘Let’s Chat’ service using WhatsApp, iMessage or SMS or via the Concierge desk.