Edinburgh is ‘best place to live and work’ finds new survey

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The Capital has been named as the best place to live and work in Scotland for the fifth year in a row, as part of a national cities survey.

Edinburgh was ranked as the fourth most prosperous city in the UK as part of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Good Growth for Cities index – which takes into account employment, health and income statistics.

Edinburgh has been voted the best place to live and work in a new survey

Edinburgh has been voted the best place to live and work in a new survey

Despite dropping one place on the 2016 figures, the city continued to score highly in terms of work-life balance as part of the survey, finishing seven places ahead of Aberdeen in eleventh and 23 places ahead of Glasgow in 27th.

The Capital also gained praise for its rate of business start-ups – however, it did poorly when it came to public transport.

Mark Hoskyns-Abrahall, PwC Edinburgh office senior partner said: “A lot of the new businesses will be in technology and especially Fintech-related areas which spells good news not only for tech hubs like CodeBase but also the larger financial services sector because a lot of these start-ups will seek alliances and partnerships in the coming years.”

“The one area we have to be careful of is that the city’s transport performance is seen as below average. Now, while this is a typical feature of growing cities, it demonstrates concerns that the local transport operators and council will need to face, especially looking ahead to tramline expansion.”

Oxford was the most prosperous city in the survey, finishing ahead of Reading and Southampton.

No other Scottish city was in the top ten, which also included Bristol, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry, Leicester and Swindon.