Edinburgh named one of ‘most LGBT friendly cities in the world’

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A new study has named Edinburgh as one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the world.

Cities across the world were given a score based on Dating + LGBT nightlife + openness + safety + LGBT rights, with over 2,500 people asked.

The sum of three lifestyle factors plus the two additional factors determines the final overall score for the city.

As well as LGBT rights and safety, three lifestyle factors were taken into account with dating, nightlfe and openness of the city all being measured.

Edinburgh had one of the best rankings for safety, but one of the lowest scores for dating.

Edinburgh was 29th out of 50 cities but ranked in 4th in the UK, behind Brighton (7th) Manchester (13th) and Bristol (20th).

Glasgow finished 34th.

The study was carried out by Nestpick to celebrate LGBT Pride Month