Edinburgh woman ‘live tweets row’ after alleged verbal abuse in ‘racist incident’ on train

The woman live tweeted the incident on the train.
The woman live tweeted the incident on the train.

An Edinburgh photographer was called a ‘foreigner’ and told she was not welcome in Birmingham during a confrontation with another passenger.

Photographer Elizabeth Argyll said she was verbally abused by a woman who wrongly believed she was sitting in her seat. 
Taking to Twitter to ‘live tweet’ the row, she wrote: “On a train and I’ve just been called a ‘f***ing foreigner’ coz a numpty thinks I’m in her seat (I’m not)

“ I replied: ‘If Scotland gets independence then I will be a foreigner.’ The next 90 mins will be frosty.”

Despite being branded a foreigner, she responded that she was from Scotland and began to tweet the actions of the passenger next to her.

The passenger was even challenged to a tweet according to her follow up tweet.

And in a third tweet, when asked by one of her followers how she responded, she said: “I raised my right perfectly plucked right eyebrow at her. I’m now not welcome in Birmingham. Another 78mins to go. left.” The photographer later added: “She couldn’t handle my being cool, calm and collected.”

Elizabeth’s tweets were posted on August 20 but it was not known where she was travelling to and from.