‘Expanding it further will create havoc’ Readers react to Fringe New Town proposals

Readers have had a mixed response to calls to expand the Fringe
Readers have had a mixed response to calls to expand the Fringe
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The move by The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in looking into official street theatre areas into George Street and St Andrew Square for the first time has sparked debate amongst Evening News readers.

Under potential future plans, the move is being considered to accommodate demand from performers and ease pressure on the Royal Mile and The Mound precinct.

The proposals have sparked a debate on the official Facebook page of the Edinburgh Evening News

Many backed the plans while others called for it to be spread elsewhere.

However, there were also plenty of readers who were against the idea.

Lynne Hainsworth wrote: “Its big enough. We barely manage as it is. I feel we’re at saturation point now. We can’t keep the place clean and tidy, or move about as things are.”

Mark McGhee backed the plans if a tourist tax was introduced writing: “I’d only like the council to economically benefit directly from the fringe and tourism, one way is £1 daily tourist accommodation tax which would earn the council millions, this could freeze council rates which would finally benefit residents.”

Tvonne Bruce chimed in writing: “I think it is too spread out as it is in the main areas where shows are going on you invariably find someone doing some street performance, It was better when it was just the High Street and Mound there was more variety and a better vibe. Also people who are working and living locally need some space to get away from it all.”

John James added: “No, no, no. Is the council aware that these events actually suppress retail sales on George Street every August? Plus, people do not know where their buses are going. Edinburgh is not the Fringe. It’s more than that.”

Elaine Hutton called for a more spread out approach saying: “It would be good to have it more spread out. There’s so much at Teviot and George Square and the Old Town. Other areas of the city miss out.”

Lorraine Blyth “No. It’s too big as it is. Expanding it even further will only create more havoc.”

Commenting on the Evening News site, Diamond Walls said: “The fringe is just a cash cow for the university,church of Scotland and the council,it’s time to scale it back and give the residents a break,let’s have a poll and ask the city centre residents and others affected what they want.”

James Whitelaw angrily wrote on the page. “Make more money, have even more people here shut more roads. Yeah why not, this is Edinburgh, the most unpalatable city to get around in.”