Family of Kirsty Maxwell keen to trace clothes she was wearing

Kirsty Maxwell with husband Adam Maxwell
Kirsty Maxwell with husband Adam Maxwell

The family of Kirsty Maxwell are seeking the clothes that the tragic 27-year-old was wearing when she died.

Her husband Adam and her parents have repeatedly asked Spanish investigators where the clothes she was wearing at the hen do in Benidorm are.

The family are desperate to know what happened to the missing pink T-shirt and denim skirt she was reportedly wearing and believe the items could hold key evidence about her death.

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And a former detective probing the death on behalf of Kirsty’s loved ones, said: “Where is the clothing and the scientific report?”

“All the family want to have is the answer.”

SNP MP Hannah Bardell has reportedly met with the Foreign Office who have vowed to find the clothing.

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Speaking to the Sun she said: “I was pleased he felt he could help. It’s vital the clothes and report are scrutinised.”

The family of Kirsty Maxwell have been continually campaigning for information and even returned to the area to hand out posters and pictures of Kirsty in an attempt to learn more about the night she died.

Kirsty, from Livingston, was killed after following from a balcony while on a hen do in May.