Footballers stunned as ball kicked over fence turns up 1,000 miles away

Have it! The ball ended up 1,100 miles away. Picture; Getty
Have it! The ball ended up 1,100 miles away. Picture; Getty
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Amateur footballers have been left stunned after a ball which was kicked out of their ground turned up 1,100 miles away in Norway


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The ball was blasted over the 25 foot net at Banks o’ Dee FC’s ground in Aberdeen into the River Dee by a member of the Under-19s side.

Players naturally assumed that the ball was gone forever, as so often happens to the balls which are kicked over the fence.

But the ball is believed to have ended up in the North Sea before travelling all the way to the Norwegian island of Vanna.

Club secretary, Tom Ewan, said: “It happens semi-regularly actually. We lose about two balls a month.

“We just never realised this is where they might be ending up.”

However, they received an email stating otherwise, much to their shock.

Johnny Mikalsen wrote: “Hi! You properly [sic] have one of the best long distance kickers in the world.

“A friend of mine found a football with your club name on it by the seaside.

“It has travelled quite a distance. We are located 1,800km (1,118 miles) north of Aberdeen, on an island called Vanna, 10km north of Tromso, the capital of north Norway,” it continued.

“The football is just a little bit dirty after such a long distance, but fully usable. See enclosed picture.”

And there could be a happy ending to the tale on this occasion.

Tom explained: “The man who found the ball has actually won a local competition to come over and visit Scottish distilleries.

“We have, of course, invited him to our hospitality and to asked him to visit us when he comes over.”

According to Tom, his visit is on one condition.

“He has to bring the ball. Our treasurer would insist,” he joked.