Four arrested after fake police gang target tourists

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Four men have been arrested after visitors to the Capital were targeted by bogus police.

Police weren’t willing to say exactly where in the Capital the incidents took place or what techniques they used to trick the victims.

However, it is understood they may have been issuing fake fines to persuade tourists to part with their money.

It’s not known, however, how much money was taken or how many visitors were targeted.

Police were seen by eyewitnesses stopping a car and handcuffing the men on Jeffrey Street on Monday morning.

The car was also spotted travelling over Waverley Bridge earlier that day.

Four men – who are aged 41, 36, 41 and 28 – have been arrested and charged.

Police said they were due to make an appearance at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in connection with the incidents.

Inspector David Robertson, of Edinburgh West End police station, said such incidents were rare and urged anyone stopped by officers in the street to ask for identification if they had doubts.

He said: “Thankfully such incidents are rare and Edinburgh’s city centre remains a safe place to visit.

“We would advise that if you are stopped by someone claiming to a be a Police Scotland officer, request their collar number and ask to see a warrant card.

“All our officers are happy to provide this information to the public and it should be offered readily.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police in Edinburgh arrested and charged four men in Jeffrey Street on Monday, June 26 in connection with the impersonation of police officers and theft of cash from tourists.

“The men aged 41, 36, 41 and 28-years-old were due to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.”