General Election 2017: How the night played out in Edinburgh

Midlothian Constituency General Election Count, Lasswade
Midlothian Constituency General Election Count, Lasswade
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It was a historic night for the Capital with the nation taking to the polls to have their say in a snap general election. Here’s how the night panned out across Edinurgh.

05:15: How the results panned out across the Capital: Full results here

05:03: Updated forecast now from the BBC Exit Poll

Tories: 316

Labour: 265

SNP: 34

Midlothian Constituency General Election Count

Midlothian Constituency General Election Count

Lib Dem: 13

04:50: It looks like there will be no overall majority for the Conservatives. What happens if there’s a hung parliament?

04:33: SNP holds for Livingston and Linlithgow and East Falkirk

04:32: Ian Murray speaking after his re-election: “The Scottish Labour Party is back.”

04:26 ALEX SALMOND IS OUT Arguably the biggest moment of the night as the big beast of Scottish politics has lost his Gordon seat to the Conservatives. Follow it all here on our live blog.

04:24: RESULT: Edinburgh North and Leith held by SNP

04:20: RESULT: Ian Murray holds Edinburgh South

04:10: Hannah Bardell‏ on Twitter: “Thank you to the wonderful people of the Livingston constituency for re-electing me as their MP so humbled! #GE17”

04:08: RESULT: Hannah Bardell re-elected in Livingston

04:04: RESULT: SNP’s Martyn Day re-elected in Linlithgow & East Falkirk

03:51: RESULT: Edinburgh West: Lib Dem gain Edinburgh West from the SNP

03:44: Current reports having the voting share as#

SNP 38.2% (-14.1%)

Lab 29.8% (+2.7%)

Cons 26.5% (+13.6%)

Lib Dems 4.9% (+0.4%)

03:35: From our live blog: SNP retain Edinburgh East, a seat they had some worries about. Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, meanwhile has gone back to Labour, with the former seat of Gordon Brown being won again by the party he led.

03:31: More on that East East result with Tommy Sheppard relected.

03:25: Tommy Sheppard: “The story of tonight is that the SNP has won and the Conservative Party has lost.”

03:23: RESULT: Tommy Sheppard re-elected SNP MP for Edinburgh East with a majority 3425

03:21: RESULT: Labour gain East Lothian from SNP

03:11: You can follow updates from across Scotland in our Live Blog: General Election 2017 giving all the results from across Scotland and the UK as a whole.

03:09: Some turnout stats from the Capital. Edinburgh South turnout was 74.22 per cent - it was 74.9 per cent in 2015. Turnout in Edinburgh East was 66.2 per cent - down from 70.1 per cent in 2015

03:01: In case you missed it, Labour has gained Midlothian from the SNP with a majority of 885 votes. Danielle Rowley came out on top with 16,458 votes (36.4 per cent), beating the SNP’s Owen Thompson into second with place with 15,573 votes (34.4 per cent).

03:00: A flurry of declarations are expected from the Capital with Midlothian already called and the East Lothian count expected in the next few minutes. Here’s a look at the expected announcement times