In Pictures: Vehicles removed from Edinburgh’s robot car park

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VEHICLES trapped inside a disused robotic car park in Edinburgh have been removed.

Earlier this month, the Evening News reported on a mystery of eight vehicles which were found trapped in the Morrison Street facility.

The cars have been lifted out of the 'robot' car park, Picture: David Hickey

The cars have been lifted out of the 'robot' car park, Picture: David Hickey

Hundreds of readers put forward their theories about the ownership of the cars - which included Austin Maestro and Fiat Uno models from the 90s - after Reddit user ieya404 snapped a picture of them during development work.

IN PICTURES: Edinburgh’s ‘robot’ car park

The facility shut down in 2003 after the firm that owned it, SkyParks Edinburgh, went into receivership.

Now, pictures have emerged of the cars being hoisted from the car park.

Onlooler David Hickey said: “They’ve cut the roof off one section of cars and lifted them out while they worked.

“Looks to be a bit of work before they get the other two out.”

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The £5 million facility was branded the most ‘most technologically advanced car park in Britain’ when it opened in 2001, but fell out of use two years later and lay derelict for over a decade before work to turn the building into a purpose-built office block got underway last year.

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Demolition firm GCM Services said “every effort would be made to save the vehicles” during the course of the project.