10 bin blazes reported in Trinity in just half an hour

A burnt-out bin in Bangholm Road. Picture: Jon Savage
A burnt-out bin in Bangholm Road. Picture: Jon Savage
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Firefighters were forced to battle ten blazes in the space of just 30 minutes after household bins were set alight.

Crews were called out to four different streets in Trinity – Clark Avenue, Trinity Road, Lomond Road and Bangholm Road – where landfill and food waste bins had been placed on the kerb by neighbours for collection overnight.

However, a series of attacks carried out between 3.30am and 4am saw ten separate household bins set ablaze by mystery firestarters.

Worried residents gathered on the streets as crews arrived to dampen the flames.

One Bangholm Road resident told how one of his bins had been reduced to a pile of melted plastic.

“It’s left a disgusting mess on the side of the road, the bin out the front of our house is now welded to the pavement,” he said. “I’m not sure who’s going to clean it up or how they’re going to do it – only the two wheels survived.”

Another said she was concerned at the seemingly random nature of the attack.

“There was quite a crowd when the fire service turned up, but by that time they had it under control,” she said.

“My neighbour had woken up and could see an orange glow outside, and when he went to the window he could already see the landfill bin was on fire outside my house.

“I’ve never seen anything like that happen here before, so it is a little bit concerning.

“It’s just off Ferry Road which is obviously really busy but it’s usually quite quiet down here.”

Vicki Redpath, Labour councillor for the area, shared residents’ concerns and questioned the motives of the firestarters.

“It’s an extremely worrying trend,” she said.

“Obviously I’ll have to look at all the facts, but on the surface these people don’t realise how dangerous and destructive fire can be.

“I can see why residents are concerned, it is a worrying thing to have happened.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) issued a warning to the firebugs, insisting that they will seek the strongest possible action.

“Our firefighters work extremely hard to engage with the public and promote safety messages in order to keep our communities as safe as possible,” an SFRS spokesman said.

“SFRS has a zero-tolerance approach to deliberate fire-raising because it puts our communities at great risk.

“Deliberate fires waste our time and resources and have the potential to delay us from reaching real emergencies – where every minute counts.

“We will continue to work very closely with our local authority partners to ensure that those responsible are identified and dealt with accordingly.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland added: “These reckless acts of destruction have the potential to result in serious injury and we’re continuing to carry out inquiries to identify those responsible.”