JK Rowling believes in a fantasy land, says Katie Hopkins

Author JK Rowling. Picture: PA
Author JK Rowling. Picture: PA
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Katie Hopkins has hit back at JK Rowling after the Harry Potter author compared her to a US ambassador who believed Britain would lose the Second World War.


Rowling, 51, had tweeted that Hopkins’ comments, on Fox News, on Britain being “cowed” by terror reminded her of pro-appeasement US ambassador Joseph Kennedy.

Now Hopkins, 42, has returned to the US network to slam the best-selling author, saying: “JK Rowling writes for children and she writes about a fantasy land.

“If she wants to believe a fantasy land where we’re all getting on well together and it’s a brilliant, marvellous place and it’s absolutely fine, no problem that someone mows down people as they cross a bridge, we’ll leave that up to JK Rowling.

“Darling, carry on writing your fantasy land books,” the former Apprentice candidate added.

“If you think England is united that’s a fantasy as well.”

And she said of Rowling: “Seeing as you’re such a big fan of migrants why not spend some of your billions in homing those migrants while you’re at it.”

Hopkins was previously criticised for saying of the Westminster terror attack: “People are cowed, people are afraid and people are not united. Great Britain is more disunited, more divided than at any other time in its past.”

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