Brewhemia bar ‘sorry’ for barring man with glitter face

Drew Kerr had glitter on his face when he was turned away from Brewhemia. Picture: Contributed
Drew Kerr had glitter on his face when he was turned away from Brewhemia. Picture: Contributed
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A BAR in the Capital has issued an apology following claims a man was turned away at the door for having glitter on his face.

The incident at the recently revamped Brewhemia – which opened its doors at the end of July – was brought to light on social media by Drew Kerr, who was visiting Edinburgh for a 40th birthday.

Mr Kerr, 37, posted a picture of himself with the face-paint on Twitter, accompanied by the words: “Just told by the bouncer at @BrewhemiaEdin that the pub ‘didn’t want 
people like you with that on your face’ in there.”

A second post read: “He [the doorman] was clearly unhappy at ‘people like us’ (direct quote) and let a very cute straight couple in right after us.”

The incident, which happened on Saturday, has since been resolved with Brewhemia management stressing it was an “isolated” incident.

Mr Kerr, who lives in London, said the choice of words had been “particularly hurtful” but added he was happy with how the incident was handled.

Recalling what happened, he said: “Having chatted to the manager I fully believe that it’s not what they are about at all. From what I can see they are all about diversity.

“I’m in my 30s and have been out for years, it’s not something I have had an issue with. I’ve not had that sort of issue in a bar before that I recall.

“I have had other homophobic stuff happen but not necessarily in bars and generally I find venues are open to people being how they are.

“I was pleased they picked it up first thing in the morning. I think they handled it very well, I have no complaint.”

Mr Kerr said he hoped that in future the incident could be turned into something positive by reminding people to be more respectful and aware of how their words can impact on someone’s feelings.

The incident comes just weeks after the Market Street venue opened for business following a £2 million overhaul into a “beer palace”.

General manager Danny Wylie said Brewhemia has an “open and inclusive policy” for guests and that they encourage groups, families and like-minded people to make the venue their own.

He said: “I am very disappointed that in this isolated incident a group of customers who are perfectly suited to the Brewhemia ethos have been refused. Drew has my unreserved apologies for this and we have agreed a course of action to remedy this which includes refresher training.”

He explained Mr Kerr was invited back to the venue later to agree a resolution.

He added: “It was important to me that he was able to see the venue and the staff, to see our ethos and to understand that this incident will not be repeated.

“Only by listening to the feedback of the customers are we able to rectify problems and I appreciate that Drew has highlighted this.

“The steward that refused the entry to the group was horrified to think that he had been construed in this manner and extends his apologies to the group.”