Shaun Woodburn ‘lay motionless on ground’, trial told

Shaun Woodburn
Shaun Woodburn

A MURDER trial has heard a witness describe hearing “a loud thud” then turning to see a young father from the Capital lying motionless on the pavement.

Louis Swanson was giving evidence at the High Court in Dunfermline where three teenagers are accused of murdering Shaun Woodburn.

The 30-year-old junior football player died from injuries suffered in a major street disturbance outside a Leith bar in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

The three youths are also accused of a catalogue of assaults and disorder across Edinburgh on the same night.

In the dock are Mohammed Zakariyah, 18, of Gilmerton Dykes Grove, Edinburgh, Marcus Brown, also 18, of Birchwood View, Edinburgh, and a 17-year-old youth who cannot be named for legal reasons. They deny all the charges.

Around two hours after the bells, trouble erupted in the street outside Gladstones Bar.

Louis Swanson, 25, from Edinburgh, told the trial he had been in the bar, co-owned by his father, to bring in the New Year but trouble started outside as he left.

Advocate-depute Tim Niven-Smith asked the witness if he had seen anyone lying on the ground during the disturbance.

“My friend Shaun,” he replied.

“Did you see how he came to be on the ground?” asked Mr Niven-Smith.

“No,” said the witness.

“Was he moving?”

“No. He was on his back.”

Mr Niven-Smith asked the witness if he recalled telling police in his statement that he had heard a “loud thud”.

Mr Swanson replied: “I heard a loud thud at the same time I heard somebody shout Shaun’s name.”

In the statement Mr Swanson told police, “He wasn’t moving and was knocked clean out.”

Mr Swanson identified all three accused as being part of a group of youths in street outside the bar.

He identified Zakariyah as a person he saw armed with a “shank”.

Mr Swanson said he was standing near the pub with his girlfriend when he became aware of someone appearing near them holding a bottle and identified this person as Zakariyah.

“I saw the guy with the bottle had a sharp object in his hand. It was like a shank,” said Mr Swanson.

He then saw a pub customer Kenny Little with a cut to his head but did not see how he came to be injured.

He described the scene outside the bar at the time saying: “There was a lot of people panicking.”

Louis Swanson is the brother of Hibs player Danny. They are the sons of John, co-owner of Gladstones Bar, with his brother Peter.

In his evidence earlier, Peter Swanson, uncle of Danny, told the trial he had seen the 17-year-old punch Shaun Woodburn and then kick him in the head.

The trial before Lady Stacey continues.