Letter: Wisp traffic misery needs better control

The Niddrie Crossroads, Picture: Google
The Niddrie Crossroads, Picture: Google
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THE WISP and its constant roadworks means for the past four months we residents and drivers who use the road, have had to put up with bi-weekly, Temporary Traffic Restriction Orders, with three-way light controls which are causing mayhem for all concerned.

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Over the past four weeks, the same hole has been opened and shut three times outside Cloverfoot Cottages.

No warning is given to anybody about these restrictions and they cause massive congestion problems every time the appear.

The whole of the Niddrie Crossroads, Wisp, Millerhill and Danderhall areas are a mass of these temporary traffic lights and there appears to be no-one in charge of trying to help the poor commuters who have to negotiate their way around these obstacles.

Surely the council should be insisting that house builders and roadwork gangs, should ensure that road disruption be kept to a minimum, thereby saving these councils, thousands of pounds in unnecessary TTROs.

Ronald Arthur, Wisp Green, Edinburgh