Letters: 20mph is about safety not annoying motorists

20mph is about safety writes Lesley McInnes
20mph is about safety writes Lesley McInnes
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I refer to Tory Cllr John McLellan’s column regarding, amongst other things, 20mph zones and the potential tram extension to Newhaven (News, August 17).

The council’s policy to introduce the former is intended to make Edinburgh a safer and more walking/cycling friendly city – not, as Cllr McLellan suggests, to annoy car drivers. I drive a car and take no issue with others choosing to do so but, living in a modern city, we all have a responsibility to adapt our behaviour to suit – and protect – our environment.

20mph is fast becoming standard across cities internationally as others also recognise the need to create safer, calmer environments. The World Health Organisation recently called for 30kph (19mph) to be the limit wherever motorised traffic mixes with pedestrians and cyclists.

It’s a sobering thought that you’re SEVEN times more likely to survive if you’re hit at 20mph than at 30mph and it will take much more than Cllr McLellan’s blasé trivialisation of the tragic deaths on our roads to convince me otherwise. Surely one death on our roads each year is one too many, John?

Cllr McLellan either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that his fellow Tory party councillors voted FOR the criteria on 20mph streets and refused to name a single street they’d remove the 20mph limit from – yet have lobbied for several additional streets to be included.

Turning to trams, Cllr McLellan warns your readers to expect 40 months of closures on Leith Walk, should the project go ahead. The timescale is, in fact, 18 months, which he would have known had he bothered to take up the offer (made to all councillors) to study the business case properly.

Perhaps that would have been a better use of his time?

Cllr Lesley Macinnes, SNP Councillor Liberton/Gilmerton, transport and environment convener, City Chambers