Letters: Betting companies have role in sport sponsorship

Kevin Twaddle now gives counselling to footballers.
Kevin Twaddle now gives counselling to footballers.
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I am concerned by ex-footballer Kevin Twaddle calling for the Scottish Government to ban betting companies from sponsoring football (‘Gambling causing carnage in football, ex-star warns’, News July 3).

If the Scottish Government were to ban betting companies from sponsoring football and other sports, it would lead to concerns over who could sponsor sport. Cigarette advertising has been banned for quite a number of years. In recent years there have been calls for alcohol advertising to be banned from sport.

Should we ban bakeries from advertising in sport? Some people eat too many pies and become fat. Should we ban soft drink companies from advertising in sport? Soft drinks can cause teeth to rot. Should we allow oil companies to advertise in sport? Some people like to sniff petroleum products.

If we go down this route, who will be left to sponsor sporting events?

When it comes to drinking, smoking or gambling we must remember that we are all adults here and we must take some responsibility for our own behaviour. It is not the duty of the government to legislate for every eventuality.

While it is sad that some people might have an addiction, why should the majority of sensible people or businesses be punished for the mistakes of the few? The only thing I would be in favour is for easily available access to support services for those who may find themselves with an addiction and other than that I really don’t see what else can be done.

Alastair Macintyre, Rosyth, Fife