Letters: Garden uplift charge is ill-thought out

The so-called garden tax is being introduced this year.
The so-called garden tax is being introduced this year.
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The so-called garden tax dominates our letters section today with a number of readers getting in touch to discuss the issue.

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Garden uplift charge is ill-thought out

I think the garden waste issue has been ill-thought through. For one thing, the £25 charge is not for a year as grass does not grow for 5-6 months, so we should pay for seasonal uplifts.

I was told by the council tax office that I would not have to pay as I get a reduction, but the registration office says it does not exempt people who get a reduction, no matter how little they pay.

What is the cost to implement this charge and what is to stop people who have not registered from putting their grass in my bin, as it’s on the kerbside? Also they recycle the grass and sell it on for compost - it’s another stealth tax.

Jim Hill, Stenhouse Avenue,


At least Trump gives it to you straight

No matter the exasperation and even disgust many feel with Donald Trump, there is something admirable about a politician being so almost naively honest when answering questions.

We have become so used to being treated as cretins by our elected leaders at Scotland and UK level and given at best half-truths that it is pleasantly refreshing, even if we disagree totally with the opinions he expresses.

We should not forget either that a majority of Americans voted for him and US polls suggest he would win easily another presidential election.

Alexander McKay, New Cut Rigg, Edinburgh

Hidden agenda behind council waste register

John McLellan has my complete sympathy (‘Trying to pay garden tax makes you go ‘aaargh!’’, News, 12 July).

For nothing can be more annoying than getting a repeated “The computer says no” message, and at a stage when you’re merely trying to log on!

And if in addition you happen to be elderly and with few computing skills, then it can be well nigh impossible to make any progress whatsoever. Aaargh!

So it’s almost unbelievable that Edinburgh City Council could have been so crass as to put pensioners through such unnecessary hazards when they were merely wishing to pay their annual £25 fee for having their garden waste bin emptied.

Unfortunately there’s a hidden agenda here. For the council’s primary interest is in enforcing (or at least ‘encouraging’) people to register for a so-called ‘mygov’ account.

And what this Orwellian term ‘mygov’ actually means is that the council will take all your personal details and place them in a national population register. In other words, it’s a form of computerised civil registration.

I really wouldn’t mind councils doing such things if only they’d come clean with the public, use terms like ‘population register’ and ‘civil registration’ and strenuously avoid using bizarre terms like ‘mygov account’. And also checking in advance whether this is what people really want.

Finally, here’s an interesting experiment for anyone with a ‘mygov’ account to try. Seek to find a method to get your account permanently deleted - and without any questions being asked. For this should test whether the council is more interested in its ever growing national population database or in its citizens’ right to privacy.

Dr John Welford, Boat Green, Edinburgh