Letters: Greyfriars Bobby statue should be moved to ease crowds

The Greyfriars Bobby statue is loved by many in the city
The Greyfriars Bobby statue is loved by many in the city
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One reader thinks the statue of Greyfriars Bobby should be moved. Do you agree?

a recent letter in the News ­concerned a man who was nearly run over at the junction between Candlemaker Row and Forrest Road, where the statuette of Greyfriars Bobby is placed (Letters, June 14).

In the first week of June, my mother really was hit by a vehicle there. She bravely stated that she was only ‘lightly dunted’. The lorry driver did not see her, and had a reasonable expectation that there would be no people on the road.

My mum tells me that at the time (lunchtime) there were something like 20 to 25 people on that tiny segment of pavement, all milling about as part of a tour package visiting the statuette, and that this definitely forced her on to the road.

As a result, I consider moving the ­statue to the kirkyard a brilliant idea. Not only could the kirk capitalise on this by taking collections etc, it would be a great chance for the tourists to see the other sights of interest within.

Crucially, however, such a move would clear this awful hazard. This ­corner is set to become even more ­hazardous as greater numbers of lorries will soon be using Candlemaker Row to service the new Virgin Hotel next to the Central Library.

Not a lot of people know that the statuette of Bobby is, in fact, also broken and out of date. Originally the statuette was built as a drinking fountain, with an upper fountain for humans and a lower fountain for dogs.

Its water supply was cut off around 1975 amid health scares and so now it is in fact effectively a derelict, even though it was tarted up in 1985 after being hit by a car.

They used to call the National Monument of Scotland on Calton Hill ‘Edinburgh’s disgrace’ but aside from other dubious issues around the statue of Bobby, I think this once loved statue is now that, a disgrace.

Peter Burnett, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh.