Letters: Pavement parking ban needs careful appraisal

One reader has had his say on the parking issue in the Capital
One reader has had his say on the parking issue in the Capital
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One reader has his say on the parking debate in the Capital

I disagree with the proposals for a ban on pavement parking, (‘Pavement parking to be banned’, News 12 June).

If vehicles on a pavement are causing problems for pedestrians or those with wheelchairs or mothers with pushchairs then it is quite right that a ban on pavement parking is introduced however I feel it is impractical to have a blanket ban.

In some areas if cars did not park at least partially on the pavement then nothing would move along the roads and this is particularly true in some narrow streets or cul-de-sacs.

In some areas of England you are allowed to park with two wheels on the pavement and this is marked by a white line. If any of the wheels go beyond the line then the driver is hit with a fine.

This approach keeps roads free from congestion but also allows enough room for pedestrians and wheelchair users on the pavements.

Before a scheme banning pavement parking is rolled out it has to be carefully thought through and is it going to cause or create another problem?

It should also be done on an area by area basis and/or a council by council basis. What is an issue in Edinburgh city centre might not be an issue in Rosyth/Fife or vice versa.

Alastair Macintyre, Webster Place, Rosyth, Fife