Letters: Princes Street traffic dominates letters section

Princes Street buses dominate our letters section
Princes Street buses dominate our letters section
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Our letters section has been dominated by debates regarding the future of Princes Street and in general the traffic management situation.

We’ve selected two letters from the page, but who do you agree with?

Princes Street is for all forms of traffic

MR KIM Harding, director of Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, suggests taking the buses off Princes Street to run along Queen Street, which is ridiculous (News, June 16).

How are older people expected to walk to Princes Street from there? It’s the bikes that should be on Queen Street, since they are the ones with the problem of avoiding tram lines.

There are many other streets they can use to avoid using the centre of town.

Mrs A Brown, Northfield Drive, Edinburgh

Buses cannot be rerouted to suit cyclists

WHAT a selfish man Mr K Harding is, saying that buses should be diverted on to Queen Street to leave room for trams and cyclists on Princes Street.

The tram only stops at one stop on Princes Street, then on to Shandwick Place. What about people who work on Princes Street and old people who want to shop there; do they have to walk from Queen Street? He will be old himself one day.

And why should cyclists get priority? Princes Street belongs to everyone. Maybe cyclists can be removed to Queen Street.

M Anderson, Glenallon Drive, Edinburgh