Letters: Road closure misery could have been avoided

Milton Road East has been closed for up to four months.
Milton Road East has been closed for up to four months.
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Our entire road eastbound at Milton Road East is closed for almost four months for gas works. No buses or even taxis for non-drivers!


Bus users must walk for up to 20 from the Christians neighbourhood and across the Milton Link crossings (up to 4 or 5 bus stops) into oncoming traffic choking with exhaust fumes.

Shopping at Asda is no longer possible as, like myself, people cannot carry heavy bags this distance.

The only way from Asda via bus to residences on and further down this road is to take a total of four buses from Asda to Portobello to Eastfield and from Musselburgh back up the hill to Milton Road East again.

A taxi from Asda is £10-£12 via Portobello to Joppa and upwards. To go shopping in Musselburgh where I can get a bus back with bags means walking either through Colliesdene downhill to the sea to catch a bus there or walking down to Eastfield four bus stops to near Musselburgh.

While this is a miserable time for fit people who can walk, and fine for people who do not use Asda, there are many elderly and disabled people who have been totally disregarded by the planners of this road closure.

I have seen many walking long distances in cold and rain using sticks and not able to carry any bag.

There is a nursing home on this road and it is reported that elderly visitors cannot visit their spouses for four months as they cannot get there without a bus. That itself is a disgraceful situation.

There is a large college and hotel on this road, all without any public transport.

It’s scandalous that vehicles were given preference, even if it is one way only, and public transport users asked to walk in the dark and cold in traffic for 15 weeks at great inconvenience.

The road should be open both ways on a temporary lights system. At least that way is slower but fair to the residents and visitors of the nursing home and users of the very busy Edinburgh College and the residents. Only 60 more nights plus weekends still to go!

Helen Breheny, Milton Road East, Edinburgh