Letters: Scrapping 35 bus is doing us a disservice

One reader has his say on the scrapping of the 35.
One reader has his say on the scrapping of the 35.
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One reader has his say on the rebranding of the 35, effectively ending the cheapest route to Edinburgh Airport.

I see that there is a bit of chicanery going on with the buses. How many people know that they are changing the 35 that runs from Ocean Terminal to the airport in October to a blue bus and renaming it service 300 so that they can charge passengers the same as the trams and airport buses?

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Right now it costs £1.60 to go from Ocean Terminal to airport; from next month on the replacement 300 bus that same journey will cost you £4.50 as a single adult and a child £2, an adult return will cost £7.50 and a child return £3.

Why should we have to pay for their white elephant trams and their overpriced airport bus?

The 35 has been a great service; it’s well used because it is always on time and is excellent value for money – we don’t want to lose it.

Let’s keep the 35 and get rid of the trams; let’s put it to the vote of the people who use it if they want it changed.

Everybody has to stop wasting our money and services and making decisions with no public consultation.

Mr Raymond Ross, Edinburgh