Letters: Speed cameras would not have prevented fatal Maybury crash

Alex Cole Hamilton has complained about the lack of speed cameras on the Maybury Road.
Alex Cole Hamilton has complained about the lack of speed cameras on the Maybury Road.
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One reader believes that the introduction of speed cameras along Maybury Road would not have prevented the fatal crash that killed Jonathan Smith.

I disagree with the views of MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton regarding the Maybury Crash

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I think adding speed cameras to the Maybury Road would be the completely the wrong course of action to take. As we all know the speed cameras would only catch those going a few miles over the speed limit but who are otherwise driving safely.

Those who steal cars or use them in crime such as was the case with the recent tragedy on Maybury Road will continue to use them in that manner. People such as the criminals involved in that case could not care less about speed cameras or speed calming measures and they would do absolutely nothing to stop another incident like this.

It is also impossible to put in speed calming measure on this type of road as it is a main commuter artery which is already heavily congested at the best of times. It certainly can’t be treated in the same way as a residential street.

What we actually need more of is real police patrols on the road and far fewer cameras.

A real patrol officer can determine if a speeding car is only making minor driving infringements or is being driven in an excessively dangerous manner. A camera certainly can’t distinguish that.

I would also call for the culprits in these type of cases to face far stiffer sentences. This is no ordinary car accident caused by a momentary lapse in concentration. This should be treated as murder and anyone caught should face a life sentence of no less than 25-30 years.

Alastair Macintyre, Rosyth