Letters: The trams should run to ERI and south east

Edinburgh Trams should run to ERI writes one reader.
Edinburgh Trams should run to ERI writes one reader.
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One of our readers has got in touch regarding the latest tram developments, and has an idea about how they could be expanded.

While I don’t accept I was wrong to oppose the inordinate cost of the original tram project, borne out by the final bill, clearly the genie is out of the bottle.

Once the tram project was started it was always realistic that the case for extension would not only be essential but also desirable to gain the economies of scale needed to improve viability of the network.

Notwithstanding financial concerns, it seems to me that the next project should begin as soon as possible, as well as work beginning to identify the next stage such as to the ERI and onto the developments in the South East wedge and other points of the city.

Trams are a great way to travel, and a much more environmentally friendly way to access the city than private transport which should be equitably curtailed by restriction rather than fee charging as the tram network spreads.

Jim Taylor, Edinburgh

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