Letters to Editor: Concern over Roseburn cycle path

The Roseburn cycle path has divided many. Picture; Greg Macvean
The Roseburn cycle path has divided many. Picture; Greg Macvean
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I was concerned to read that traders in Leith Walk are up in arms about losing loading bays.


They too are falling victim to the misguided plan to build a protected cycle track from Roseburn to Leith.

Clearly, with a 9% uplift in the cycling budget, the council wants to encourage cycling. But how best to achieve this?

Cycling officers say that the reason folk don’t bike is because cyclists need their own dedicated space to feel safe. That may be true, but will a £9m protected cycle track actually lead to more people choosing to cycle?

Reports are coming in from around the UK saying that protected cycle tracks are not leading to predicted increases in cycling.

Councillors have been convinced by project consultants on the East-West cycle track who predict an increase of approximately 90% in cycle use in the corridor served by the route, amounting to a 16% increase in overall cycle use in the city if it was delivered.

They base the need for a protected track on the Sustrans survey Bike Life Edinburgh of 1100 Edinburgh residents, which amounts to 0.2% of the city’s population.

To find out if these estimates are realistic, the Roseburn Vision group is asking citizens why they don’t cycle into town and what would get them onto two wheels. We want as many people as possible, especially those who will travel or live in the vicinity of the track, to respond. It can be found at tinyurl.com/whybike

Pete Gregson, The Roseburn Vision Group, Edinburgh