Letters: Vandals are ruining a brilliant GP practice

Dr Julie Catnach stands outside the vandalised Liberton Medical Centre. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Dr Julie Catnach stands outside the vandalised Liberton Medical Centre. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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I AM incensed at the mindless vandalism currently being centred on Liberton Medical Group

I have been a patient there for all 56 years of my life and never has anything like this happened before.

In my opinion this practice can only be described as the best in the NHS, the model of which should be adopted by the NHS nationally, as it works.

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Where else can you make an appointment on the day to see a doctor of your choice? Naturally you have to phone at 8am, but it works and they are very accommodating.

If the perpetrators are on the list at the practice, I sincerely hope consideration is given to them and their families being struck off as patients.

This purpose-built facility is not publicly owned, it is a business belonging to the partners who contract themselves to the NHS and it enables them to provide an excellent service to all their patients.

Senseless vandalism like this means insurance premiums increase, which will reduce the practice funds, meaning a reduction in the services we are privileged as patients to be given by a superb team of dedicated, compassionate and caring doctors, nurses and admin staff.

One can’t help wondering if it is connected with the feral gang of teenage thugs who see fit to run amok on the scaffolding surrounding the flats currently being constructed at the Liberton Grange Development, directly opposite the surgery.

These louts frighteningly delight in chucking scaffolding poles off the top of the scaffolding which currently enshrouds the building, with little regard to their own safety or that of residents and builders. This doesn’t happen late at night. We’re talking about between 6-7pm in the evening.

I urge anyone with information, no matter how trivial, to phone the police so these criminals, no matter their age, can be brought to account.