Letters: Your views on the tram extension

Readers have had their say on the tram extension. Picture; Ian Rutherford
Readers have had their say on the tram extension. Picture; Ian Rutherford
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It’s the hot topic that has dominated our letters section since it was announced.

But what do people really think of the tram extension in the Capital?

Here are a few select letters from our page.

Spend the extra trams cash on more homes

Well, the trams rear their ugly head again. The inquiry into the first tram fiasco is not complete yet and we need answers before even considering the extension (News, August 9).

People of Edinburgh are being dictated to on what transport they will use to get round the city.

I feel so sorry for those businesses and residents of Leith Walk having to suffer all the upheaval all over again.

I take it it will be trams and cycles only down Leith Walk, as there is obviously not enough room for buses and cars as well as trams on that road.

If the council can raise that much money, they should spend it on affordable housing and decent pavements and roads and keeping Edinburgh clean, because at the moment the city is a disgrace, with empty, run-down shops and building sites.

Come on Edinburgh council, go round your city and take a fresh look at it and see what we really need and how to make Edinburgh lovely again and somewhere for us to be proud of, but also somewhere where everyone can have a home that they can afford.

Use the money wisely and you will have the backing of us all I’m sure.

Remember, the trams would not be making money if it were not for the subsidy that LRT give them.

Mrs Susan Smart, Penicuik

New route misses a vital stop at Elm Row

There’s one glaring fault in the welcome plan (News, August 9) to take the tram down Leith Walk - no stop at Elm Row.

Everyone knows that the bus stops in Elm Row and Leopold Place are among the busiest in the city - and are an important interchange point between services.

The folly of there being no planned tram stop from Picardy Place until McDonald Road has been often pointed out to councillors and council officials - seemingly to no avail.

The current tram line offers no interchange at all with bus services on Lothian Road.

This regrettable situation must not be allowed to be repeated on the east side of the city centre.

Lawrence Marshall, Chair, Capital Rail Action Group, King’s Road, Portobello

Now let’s take trams to ERI and south east

While I don’t accept I was wrong to oppose the inordinate cost of the original tram project, borne out by the final bill, clearly the genie is out of the bottle. Once the tram project was started it was always realistic that the case for extension would not only be essential but also desirable to gain the economies of scale needed to improve viability of the network.

Notwithstanding financial concerns, it seems to me that the next project should begin as soon as possible, as well as work beginning to identify the next stage such as to the ERI and onto the developments in the South East wedge and other points of the city.

Trams are a great way to travel, and a much more environmentally friendly way to access the city than private transport which should be equitably curtailed by restriction rather than fee charging as the tram network spreads.

Jim Taylor, The Murrays Brae, Edinburgh