Location of new speed cameras in Edinburgh revealed

Six new cameras are set to be launched in Edinburgh. Picture; TSPL
Six new cameras are set to be launched in Edinburgh. Picture; TSPL
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The East Safety Camera Unit is preparing to introduce new safety camera locations in Edinburgh and Midlothian.


The Scottish Safety Camera Programme has recently undertaken a national site selection exercise to identify locations on Scotland’s road network where safety cameras can be deployed with the greatest potential to reduce injury collisions. A shortlist of new sites across Scotland has now identified.

Across Edinburgh and Midlothian there will be a mix of new camera types in areas where there has been a concerning number of injury collisions with excessive speed a contributory factor.

The first three sites have been identified on the A701 Liberton Gardens, Edinburgh; the A768 Lasswade Road, Lasswade; and the A6094 Salters Road, Dalkeith. Enforcement will be carried out by mobile camera vans which will regularly be at each of the locations to check the speed of vehicles.

Another three locations are currently under review and will become active in early 2017. Details of all six new locations will be will be updated on the website www.safetycameras.gov.scot as they become live.

East Safety Camera Unit Manager Andy Jones said: “As with all of our safety cameras, road safety and casualty reduction are our primary aims and our ultimate goal is to encourage all drivers to comply with the posted speed limits.

“These first three new locations are being introduced in Edinburgh and Midlothian where injury collisions involving speed have been identified, and they will become operational from Monday 5th December. Our mobile units will be deployed at these locations as they provide the flexibility to carry out checks during the times that most incidents occur.

“In addition to the normal speed limit signs, all of our enforcement locations are clearly signposted as you approach them and the mobile units are highly visible. We would hope that drivers will stick to the limit but those who choose to ignore it will be dealt with appropriately.”