Lotto winner Jane Park rushed to hospital

Jane Park was taken to hospital in an ambulance this morning.
Jane Park was taken to hospital in an ambulance this morning.
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Lotto winner Jane Park has shared a video after she was taken to hospital.

The 21-year-old millionaire posted clips of her in an ambulance and inside a hospital ward in the early hours of this morning.

She was taken to St. John’s Hospital in Livingston. Although it is not known what lay behind the trip, the hospital is a specialist centre for plastic surgery.

Last weekend, it was revealed that she had suffered an extreme allergic reaction to the anaesthetic used for a Brazilian bum lift, in which the buttocks are “augmented” with fat from elsewhere in the body.

Her cheeks and lips swelled up and became inflamed shortly after she received the cosmetic surgery in Turkey last week. The procedure can cost in excess of £7,000.

Posting on Snapchat earlier this morning, Jane shared a series of photos documenting her hospital trip.

The first one was a selfie of her with a blanket over her shoulders and the caption: “Spooky ambulance to St. John’s.”

The second showed her bloodied arm with what appears to be a drip attached.

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Whilst the third snap shows her friend keeping her company in the hospital room with the caption: “Trying to make this more pleasant.”

She later posted a video from 5.08am this morning taken from what appears to be the inside of an ambulance

A second clip filmed from the inside of her hospital room shows the layout of the room and the wet car park outside her window.

It’s not known why she was taken to hospital but earlier in the evening, she had tweeted: “Just wanna feel normal, in bed watching Love Island.”

Jane won the £1 million Lotto jackpot when she was just 17 and had to sip on Irn Bru rather than champagne as she celebrated her win.

The passionate Hibs fan has spent some of her money on cosmetic surgeries, including a boob job, botox and last week’s botched bum lift.