Louise Linton “super-duper’ sorry for online conduct

Louise Linton. Picture: Phil Wilkinson/TSPL
Louise Linton. Picture: Phil Wilkinson/TSPL
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The Edinburgh-born actress married to Donald Trump’s treasury chief has stated that she is “super-duper sorry” for the manner in which she conducts herself publicly.

Ex-Fettes College student Louise Linton, 37, is married to US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and has been routinely criticised over the past year on social media for her public persona.

In an interview with Elle magazine, in which she labelled Donald Trump as ‘nice and so charming’, the wealthy actress said she regrets how she handled an instance of online criticism but added that she had felt like a “bullied kid”.

In August 2017 she was widely slammed for an Instagram post in which she tagged a number of fashion brands she was wearing while stepping off a US military jet.

Linton’s caption, which read “Great #daytrip to #Kentucky”, was pilloried online, with one woman posting: “Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable”.

Louise Linton attracted even more negative feedback with her response.

“Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband,” began the post.

“Either as an individual earner in taxes or in self-sacrifice to your country?

“I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day ‘trip’ than you did.

“You’re adorably out of touch.”

The post has since been deleted.

Linton told the Elle journalist she is “super-duper” sorry for the incident and others like it.

Brought up just outside Edinburgh at the 32-bedroom Melville Castle, Linton also attracted dogs abuse when she was pictured in black gloves alongside her husband clutching 50 large sheets of dollar bills bearing Mnuchin’s name.

One online post compared her to Darth Vadar while another person wrote: “Louise Linton holds the great love of her life. Also pictured, her husband #StevenMnuchin.”

The movie actress, who along with her husband is reportedly worth £230 million, also told Elle that she has sought tips from a Washington protocol expert.

She said: “It’s actually really a fascinating world. The world of political etiquette,” she said. “Obviously we both are ethical and good people, and we don’t want to mess up.”

Linton also said she was “just a regular girl” who was “not perfect” but “trying my best”, adding: “Maybe I should wear that on a T-shirt and Instagram that. And then on the back it should say ...’I’m so sorry.’”

Mnuchin, who is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump’s tax cuts for America’s wealthiest, stuck up for his wife, saying she was ‘misunderstood’.

Meanwhile, American broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien said on Twitter: “She comes across as more obnoxious than her social media efforts would lead you to believe. Which is hard to do”.