Louise Linton visits Edinburgh with Trump advisor husband

Holywood actress Louise Linton, from Lasswade
Holywood actress Louise Linton, from Lasswade
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Actress Louise Linton has visited Edinburgh on her honeymoon with her husband, and Donald Trump’s treasury advisor Steve Mnuchin.

The 36-year-old former Fettes College student from Murrayfield, married former hedge fund manager and film producer Steve Mnuchin, 54, in June, with President Donald Trump attending the wedding.

As well as visiting Paris and Milan, the couple enjoyed the Scottish Capital as part of their belated honeymoon.

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She told the Daily Record: “We’re going to do Holyrood Palace and walk up the Royal Mile to the castle.

“Steve likes it because DC feels so much like Edinburgh, with its Georgian neoclassical architecture.”

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When asked about the high number of resignations among Trump’s top aides, Louise said: “Well, it’s certainly been dynamic.”

Linton was the subject of a scandal in 2016 after she published a book which revealed that she was nearly killed on her gap year in Africa when she was hunted by machete-armed Hutu rebels.

However she was criticised for her inaccurate “jungle narrative” while the Zambian High Commission accusing her of tarnishing “a very friendly and peaceful country”.