Man sentenced to 18 years after ‘brutal and bloodied’ murder

Adrian Hynd
Adrian Hynd

A THUG who murdered a man with his “vampire skull” fantasy sword has been jailed for at least 18 years.

A judge today told Adrian Hynd that his killing of Alexander Forbes had been “brutal and bloodied”.

Hynd had repeatedly stabbed Mr Forbes during a frenzied attack at his home in Kirkcaldy, Fife on January 2 this year.

A jury heard how the 25 year-old victim suffered more than 100 wounds.

Hynd – who had claimed self defence – todayreceived a life sentence at the High Court in Glasgow.

Lord Ericht told the 52 year-old: “You invited various people back to your home after the pub.

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“The next morning, Alexander Forbes lay dead on your floor...your ornamental collector’s sword embedded in his chest.”

One man swore as sentence was passed while a woman was taken out the courtroom in tears.

Hynd had earlier been convicted of murder following a trial in Edinburgh.

A jury heard how science fiction fan Hynd and Mr Forbes had ended up alone in the killer’s home.

Mr Forbes – who lived in Edinburgh – was grabbed by the neck before being punched and stabbed.

One police officer told the trial that the blood-splattered murder scene had been the “worst” he had ever come across.

Hynd insisted in evidence he struck Mr Forbes after he was attacked first.

A jury heard claims Mr Forbes had earlier been acting aggressively in a pub, showing off his “gunshot wounds” and claiming he was related to a well known Edinburgh family.

Mark Stewart QC, defending, today/yesterday said: “While he respects the jury’s verdict, Mr Hynd profoundly disagrees with that.”

The advocate added the killer had not been the “initial aggressor” and had injuries “consistent” with him also being attacked.