Man ‘wears aeroplane’ in Heathrow protest walk to Edinburgh

Neil Keveren with an airplane on his head.
Neil Keveren with an airplane on his head.
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A man is walking 400 miles from London ‘with a plane on his head’ to deliver a message to the Scottish Government.

The 55-year-old is expected to finish his walk today in a protest against the third runway proposal as part of the Heathrow expansion.

Neil Keveren is hoping his protest will encourage the Scottish Government to drop their support for the airport expansion.

Mr. Keveren began his walk at 12-noon on Tuesday 4 April and has passed through many villages, towns and cities in England, meeting MPs, campaigners and residents along the way.

He faced a number of elements in his walk to deliver the message the Scottish Parliament.

The proposal of the third runway has been opposed by those who live around Heathrow and a number of community groups.

Neil Keveren said: “Throughout the past three weeks I have met many politicians and campaigners across England in the hope of changing their minds from supporting a third runway at Heathrow.

“Now I am in Scotland, I will be meeting a series of Scottish politicians and will seek to persuade them that a third runway cannot be delivered.

“A third runway at Heathrow would leave Scottish taxpayers with a multi-billion-pound bill, would far from guarantee any lasting benefits for Scotland, be incompatible with climate change targets and result in the destruction of thousands of homes.

“Do the Scottish Government really want their record tarnished by this terrible project?

Stop Heathrow Expansion, the local campaign group based around Harmondsworth, is supporting Neil’s walk and visit to the Scottish Parliament.