McDonald’s customers can check emails and play video games

A range of new digital features are being introduced at two McDonald's restaurants in Edinburgh.
A range of new digital features are being introduced at two McDonald's restaurants in Edinburgh.
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McDonald’s customers can request meals through self-order kiosks, check emails and even play video games after two restaurants in the Lothians were revamped.

The McDonald’s at Newbridge Industrial Estate now boasts four kiosks which allow customers to browse the menu, look at nutritional information and personalise orders, giving them more time to consider their food and drink choices.

Customers can also check emails or play games on specially installed tablets.

And table service has been introduced in a bid to take the stress out of finding somewhere to sit when carrying food.

Managers said the changes had resulted in the creation of ten jobs in the local area.

The restaurant at Pentland Retail Park in Straiton re-opened on June 22 with the same digital features, staff said.

Local franchisee Elliot Jardine started working at McDonald’s as a manager in 1986 and opened his first franchise in 2004.

He now owns eight restaurants across Scotland, including the one in Newbridge.

He said: “We’re really happy with the changes in the restaurant and cannot wait for our customers to trial all the new features.

“We’ve started to notice that customers who used to pop in for a quick bite to eat are staying longer to make use of the tech we now have on offer, such as our tablets and free Wifi.

“These changes have been designed to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible and the new technology benefits everyone – whether that’s providing people with a chance to get to grips with using a tablet in a relaxed environment, or providing mums with a quick and easy way of ordering their food.”

He added: “Having already seen these changes in my Alloa, Grangemouth and Stirling restaurants, I have been overwhelmed with the positive response from my customers and employees.

“I’ve worked within the McDonalds system for over 30 years and have seen the McDonald’s experience transform in this time.

“Our restaurants are a great leveller and are able to suit the needs of people from any background who want to come in grab a bite to eat or drink and enjoy the atmosphere these changes have created.”