Mum takes snow Olaf six miles so daughter can see him from hospital

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A MUM took an Olaf snowman on a six mile trip so her sick daughter didn’t miss out.

Tina McNeish had promised Leona Carr, 5, that they could build her favourite Frozen character the next time it snowed.

But when her wee girl ended up at the Sick Kids her mother built the snowman in her backgarden in Musselburgh and transported it all the way to Edinburgh so Leona could see him from her hospital window.

Proud grandmother Christine Knox said: Leona is currently in the Sick Kids. She has been in for over a week after becoming really unwell while waiting for her Botox injections (she has Cerebral Palsy).

“She takes everything in her stride and has whiled away the time watching her favourite films -Annie, Free Willy and her current favourite- Frozen!

“Her mummy Tina McNeish promised her she could make an Olaf the next time it snowed, however she is still in hospital.

“Tina made Olaf in the back garden, she dismantled him, put him in a recycling box and took him to the wee car park at the back of the Sick Kids! Leona is delighted as she can see him from her windows.

“I think Tina is a Supermum all year round, but she has excelled herself today.”