Neighbourhood ‘prank war’ culminates with lewd prank

A Honda Jazz was defaced in a 'prank' war. Stock image. Picture; Getty
A Honda Jazz was defaced in a 'prank' war. Stock image. Picture; Getty
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A woman from Mid Calder, Midlothian has had her Honda Jazz’s lettering adjusted to read Jizz.


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Rachel Paterson, 22, and her neighbour John Janowski, 39, have been locked in a prank war for six years now. This practical joke was in retaliation to Rachel attempting to glue John’s had to a ball.

A video of Rachel’s discovery of the prank, after six weeks of driving by chuckling motorists, has surfaced and showed her to be in good spirits regarding the joke.

Rachel told the Sun that she was “mortified” and that she now knows why other motorists were giggling next to her at the traffic lights.

“There have been a few times when I’ve looked in my rear mirror to see people laughing.

“Now I know they were actually laughing at me and my car.”

The café worker said: “The worst thing was that I had to go home and tell my parents. Telling my dad was horrible but he found it funny.”

Over the years the two neighbours have been pushing the boat out further each time with their pranks. In one incident Rachel rearranged John’s kitchen and in response he left bags of salt in her car to emulate drugs.

The warehouse worker also put raw sausages in her shoes at one time and once wrapper her in clingfilm while she slept.

John told media of Rachel’s response to the vehicular prank : “She took it really well actually. She’s always up for a laugh.”