New restaurant offering pizza ‘in 90 seconds’ to open in Edinburgh

Anyone fancy a 90 second pizza?
Anyone fancy a 90 second pizza?
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A new pizza chain in Edinburgh is claiming to offer the world’s fastest pizza, serving up dishes in just 90 seconds.

@pizza is due to open in Charlotte Lane in Edinburgh and vows to ‘revolutionise the way we eat out’

The resturant will use fresh ingredients (many locally sourced), cooking them in just 90 seconds thanks to a specialised oven.

The speed of the pizza is due to the use of special doughs designed exclusively to cook the pizza as fast and as fresh as possible,

It is offering over 56,000 pizza combinations allowing diners to get creative with their pizza that they can then taste just minutes later.

The full menu has already been released with @pizza set to officially open Thursday November 23 at 12.