No plans to introduce penalties for drivers wrongly using Forth Road Bridge

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Police Scotland have said there are no plans to introduce fines to drivers who wrongly use the Forth Road Bridge.

The news comes despite an exclusive story from Forth One which revealed that over 100 vehicles are wrongly crossing the Forth Road Bridge every day despite it only being open to public transport.

Police say there are no plans to bring in fines on the Forth Road Bridge currently despite over 100 cars wrongly crossing each day

Police say there are no plans to bring in fines on the Forth Road Bridge currently despite over 100 cars wrongly crossing each day

Traffic was directed onto the Queensferry Crossing in September 2017 after it was opened as a replacement bridge with the Forth Road Bridge turned into a public transport corridor.

However, a number of drivers are flaunting the new rules and continuing to use the Forth Road Bridge.

Tim Shallcroft, from road safety group IAM Roadsmart, slammed the dangerous practice from drivers: “It’s not only a public transport corridor it is opened up to pedestrians and cyclists.

“That means there will be a much greater presence of much more vulnerable road users on the bridge.

“As responsible drivers we must use the road that is dedicated for us.

“If you know it is going to cost you a substantial amount for taking the marginally shorter route, or avoiding traffic, if that’s the only reason then a fine is the best deterrent. But that’s providing the signs are completely clear.”

Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton says fining drivers is the best way to take action: “We’re now over six months in to the Queensferry Crossing and it’s wrong for Transport Scotland to suggest this is just about teething problems or people not understanding the new layout.

“This is clearly people rat-running, wanting to avoid queues and get in and out of Edinburgh faster.

“I think Transport Scotland need to act on the many suggestions for improving journey time over the Queensferry Crossing in terms of reducing bottle-necks, but they also need to get tough on people flaunting the rules and crossing the (Forth Road) Bridge.”

Despite the comments from the MSP Police Scotland says the force has no current plans to introduce penalties to drivers caught using the Forth Road Bridge.

A Transport Scotland spokesman said: “The new public transport corridor is still in its relatively early stages.

“We are however taking every opportunity to remind road users of the rules that are now in force and communicating via Traffic Scotland channels as well as working with partners to ensure drivers are made aware and comfortable with the new layout.

“Going forward we will continue to work alongside Amey, Police Scotland and Traffic Scotland to keep driver behaviour under review and take necessary action if required. However we are confident the vast majority of road users are getting to grips with the new system and that we’ll continue to see an improvement in the weeks ahead.”