Scots band Majik Carpet slammed for trashing Bannerman’s bar

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THE manager of the city’s Bannerman’s bar has blasted a band who went on a wrecking spree after a gig.

Majik Carpet, understood to be a four-piece from Perth, stayed in the Cowgate pub’s apartment on Wednesday night after coming off stage.


The indie-rock band have been condemned for spray painting the walls blue with the venue taking to social media in order to ‘blacklist’ them.

The Facebook post read: “This is how the band Majik Carpet feel it is ok to leave the venue accommodation after a gig here.

“Action is being taken and they are blacklisted to say the least.”

After handing the keys back, it was only when the cleaner entered the apartment that the vandalism was discovered.

Pub manager Christian Kimmett said: “I am extremely shocked and disappointed.

“Bands before have added a sticker or a logo on the wall before but nothing like this. It’s just blue spray paint everywhere, particularly in the bathroom. The bedding has been disposed of and we have had a professional cleaner in to see what can be done. I believe we’re talking several hundreds of pounds to fix.”

It is believed the police have not been involved in the matter. Footage surfaced online from the band’s Instagram account showing the inside of the room and the graffiti on the wall. All the band’s social media accounts have been closed down following the incident with their tour believed to have been cancelled.

Majik Carpet were due to play at Glasgow bar Stereo last night but, following the incident act at Bannerman’s, the band decided to pull out.

A spokesperson at Stereo said: “The band contacted us while we were deciding what our angle was.

“We were never going to let the gig go ahead without confirmation from Bannerman’s that there had been some sort of resolution reached regarding the damage.

“The band have pulled out and I think they definitely feel very sheepish about the whole situation.”

The incident has not stopped Bannerman’s with Bullets And Octane performing at the venue last night.

Mr Kimmett added: “We have six bands a week playing here and if the room is not ready for the next band then we’ll have to pay for a last minute room out of our own pockets, which is disappointing. I have been here for seven years and have toured myself and I have never come across it before. I believe they have now cancelled their tour.”

The incident has attracted widespread criticism with the band’s future now in doubt.

Richard James said: “Disgusting way to treat a really cool venue.”

Robert Grundison added: “Disgraceful, send them a redecorating bill as well.”

Hayley Thomson said: “Disappointing that aspiring artists treat hospitable venues this way. And to post it in their Instagram story. No respect for anyone or anything. Shocked how vile people can be.”

Majik Carpet were unreachable for a comment.