Passengers slam ‘fire alarm chaos’ at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Edinburgh Airport. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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Air passengers have taken to Twitter to slam Edinburgh Airport chiefs for their handling of an emergency evacuation.

When the fire alarm was raised yesterday at around 5:50pm, some passengers took to social media to complain that some staff didn’t appear to know what to do.

Passenger Adrian McCann tweeted: “@Edi_Airport fire alarm chaos! Not very comforting when your staff turn and say “I’ve nae idea where to go. It’s been so long since we had a drill.”

Spokesperson ‘JE’ on the airport’s official Twitter account responded: “Hi Adrian. Thanks for your tweet. I will make sure to follow up with the team tomorrow.

“Staff are trained with fire alarms and know the procedures but I will investigate with them. Thanks JE.”

A worried Anna Fowler was also critical of the ‘chaos’: “@Edi_Airport what is going on with the evacuation?

“The announcement is saying that we will be evacuated by staff but just stuck in a massive non-moving crowd in the main area.

“Hoping it’s a drill or we will all be burnt to a crisp #chaos.”

And Michael Anslow said: “Nothing like a good fire evacuation from Edinburgh airport when it’s snowing, you’ve got a plane to board and you had to abandon your burger and chips inside.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said their communication could have been better: “We understand that these events can be confusing alarming for some.

“Our priority is always the safety of our passengers and our colleagues.

“We’re aware that some passengers felt our communication could have been clearer.

“We thank them for their feedback and will look at how we can improve in these instances.”